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  • Add-in Express — is a component set for Microsoft Office developers that allows extending Microsoft Office with custom functionality. It is designed for creating COM add ins, smart tags, Excel real time data servers (RTD servers), Excel Automation Add ins and… …   Wikipedia

  • ADD — is a three letter acronym that may refer to:* Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, previously known as Attention Deficit Disorder. * Adderley Park railway station, United Kingdom, from its National Rail code * Administration on Developmental …   Wikipedia

  • add — 1 Add, sum, total, tot, cast, figure, foot share the meaning to find or represent the amount reached by putting together arithmetically a series of numbers or quantities, and are commonly followed by up. Add is both the common and the technical… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Add It Up — is a song by American rock band Violent Femmes, released on their 1982 debut album Violent Femmes .It contains the lyrics::Why can t I get just one screw:Believe me I d know what to do:But something won t let me make love to you:Why can t I get… …   Wikipedia

  • add — (v.) late 14c., to join or unite (something to something else), from L. addere add to, join, attach, place upon, from ad to (see AD (Cf. ad )) + dere comb. form meaning to put, place, from dare to give (see DATE (Cf. date) (n.1 …   Etymology dictionary

  • add|a|ble — «AD uh buhl», adjective. that can be added. Also, addible …   Useful english dictionary

  • Add-on (Mozilla) — For Mozilla s official add ons website, see Mozilla Add ons. Featured Firefox addons from the official page Add ons are installable enhancements to the Mozilla Foundation s projects, and projects based on them. Add ons allow the user to add or… …   Wikipedia

  • Add-drop multiplexer — An add drop multiplexer (ADM) is an important element of an optical fiber network. A multiplexer combines, or multiplexes, several lower bandwidth streams of data into a single beam of light. An add drop multiplexer also has the capability to add …   Wikipedia

  • add — /æd / (say ad) verb (t) 1. to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance: to add another stone to the pile. 2. Also, add up. to find the sum of: *When they came to add up his service he was short by one day. –david… …   Australian English dictionary

  • add together — verb 1. make an addition by combining numbers Add 27 and 49, please! • Syn: ↑add • Ant: ↑subtract (for: ↑add) • See Also: ↑add up …   Useful english dictionary

  • Add-on — Ein Add on [ˈædɒn] (engl. to add „hinzufügen“/„anhängen“ und engl. on „auf“, auf Deutsch etwa „Erweiterung“ oder „Erweiterungspaket“) ist ein optionales Modul, welches bestehende Hard oder Software erweitert. Hierfür werden die vorhandenen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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